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Teaching the Setting of A Story: Ideas, Activities & Freebies

Teaching the setting of a story is oftentimes simplified to just identifying the time and place of a story. However, there are more activities we can do when teaching the setting of a story.

This post is a summary or guide of all the setting-related posts I shared before. Here, you will find some FREE ideas, worksheets, or activities that will help students learn about the plot of a story.

Teaching the Setting Activities & Freebies

Free PPT Mini-Lesson

teaching the setting ppt lesson

This free resource includes various types of practice to help students grasp the “analyzing setting” reading skill.

Students will practice how to identify the setting, describe the setting, analyze the setting, and finally write about the setting.

It’s differentiated as each type of question provides different levels of support. Use it to teach your mini-lesson, or assign students questions that meet their needs for independent practice. Read more.

Free Graphic Organizers

These three differentiated setting graphic organizers can help students study the setting while reading texts at their own reading levels.

They are for texts at different levels of complexity. You may use these graphic organizers together for different groups in one lesson. Or you may use them as a progression for the same group of students. Read more.

teaching the setting graphic organizers

Free & Differentiated Worksheets

teaching the setting worksheets

This freebie includes three worksheets for students to practice identifying, describing, and writing about the setting of a story.

It also provides the answer key to all the questions except the writing questions. 

​​You can simply follow the progression and make your own worksheets for your students, or save your planning time by getting the freebie or the product. Read more.

36 Differentiated Task Cards

Task cards are one of my favorite activities. They are super flexible to use, so students can learn effectively during the sporadic time, such as transitions, small group time, etc.

You may also use them as exit tickets, etc. You never run out of ways of using them!

There are three types of task cards: 1. Identify the setting of a story; 2. Describe the setting of a story; 3. Write About the Setting of a Story. Read more.

teaching the setting task cards

These setting-related posts above provide free ideas, worksheets, or activities you may use to teach the setting of a story to your elementary students, especially 2nd to 5th graders. For other grades, simply proofread or modify them to suit your class before your lesson. 

Teaching the Setting Products

If you find some of them are helpful and want more, you may check and purchase the corresponding products in my store.

setting ppt product
setting worksheet product
setting task cards product
setting graphic organizer product

If you want to save your prep time and money at the same time! Here, this bundle will be a great choice for you. It includes ready-to-teach PPT/Google Slides, differentiated worksheets, graphic organizers, and task cards.

setting mega bundle

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