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Teaching the Plot of A Story: Ideas, Activities & Freebies

The plot of a story means the key events that happened in a story. We all know that identifying the plot of a story is an important skill to improve reading comprehension, but it’s not easy as students move up their reading levels. 

This post is a summary or guide of all the plot-related posts I posted before. Here, you will find some FREE ideas, worksheets, or activities that will help students learn about the plot of a story.

teaching the plot of a story

Plot Activities & Freebies

Free PPT Mini-Lesson

This mini-lesson includes an interesting text and three types of questions–multiple-choice questions, matching questions, and short-response questions.

Use one or two questions to model and practice with students in your mini-lesson. Then, save the rest for students’ independent practice.

Besides, every type of question provides different levels of support and scaffolding, so the questions are differentiated to meet all students’ needs. Read more.

Free Graphic Organizers

plot graphic organizers

The four differentiated plot graphic organizers are developed based on the story mountain graphic organizer.

They aim to help students at different levels identify the plot of a story. 

Students who need more support and scaffolding can focus on finding the beginning, middle, and end of a story. At the same time, the rest of the students can work on the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of a story. Read more.

Free & Differentiated Worksheets

free & differentiated plot worksheets

To follow up the mini-lesson, if you want some ideas of what to give students to practice, you should check out this blog post and get the free and differentiated plot worksheets.

I created these worksheets based on one text (suitable for 2nd-5th graders). Even though all students work on one text, you can give students different practice worksheets for differentiation.

For example, for those who need more challenges, you may give them the one that requires them to identify and summarize the plot of a story. Read more.

40 Differentiated Task Cards

plot differentiated task cards

These task cards are super helpful for my students. Moreover, they are flexible and reusable. I use them for early-finishers and for guided reading groups. Some teachers use them for exit tickets, etc. You never run out of ways of using them!

There are three types of task cards: 1. Matching events; 2. Short stories; 3. Pictures. Check out this blog post to learn how to use each type of task card to support all your students. Read more.

These plot-related posts above provide free ideas, worksheets, or activities you may use to teach the plot of a story to your elementary students, especially 2nd to 5th graders. For other grades, simply proofread or adapt them to suit your class before your lesson. 

Plot Products

If you find some of them are helpful and want more, you may check and purchase the corresponding products in my store.

This product has 35 ready-to-teach PPT slides (the freebie is not included).
This is exactly the SAME as the freebie you will get from this blog post.
There are 49 differentiated worksheets in this product.
There are 40 differentiated task cards, recording sheets, and answer keys in this product.

If you want to save your prep time and money at the same time! Here, this bundle will be a great choice for you. It includes ready-to-teach PPT/Google Slides, differentiated worksheets, graphic organizers, and task cards.

Plot big bundle

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