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How to Teach English Language Learners Opinion Writing?

Opinion writing isn’t just about expressing thoughts – it’s about organizing them into a coherent structure. For our ELLs, this journey is akin to building a bridge while still learning to float. But don’t worry! We’ve got the strategies and tools to help you and your ELLs navigate this adventure in a way that’s enjoyable and educational.

Together, we’re on a mission to make opinion writing an exciting and engaging experience for our ELLs. Click here to get a free set of posters about different ways to write hooks or leads.

opinion writing sentence frame templates

Opinion Writing Sentence Frame Paragraph Templates

First, let’s chat about opinion writing sentence frame paragraph templates – our secret weapon in guiding our students through the maze of constructing opinion essays.

Sentence Frame Templates

As you can see below, these templates act as a roadmap for our ELLs, offering structured phrases to articulate their opinions. Think of them as a friendly guide saying, “Use the three steps below to write your thesis. Step 1: Show your opinion. Step 2: List three reasons why. Step 3: Combine to write your thesis statement.” With prompts like, “In my opinion _____________________ because ______________________ (1st reason), ________________________(2nd reason), and __________________________(3rd reason).

Students can fill in the blanks and express themselves clearly. Besides, incorporating transition words like “in my opinion” and “from my point of view” helps string together their thoughts seamlessly.

opinion writing introduction
opinion writing body paragraph
opinion writing conclusion

Writing Posters

Crafting an opinion essay is like building a house – it needs a strong foundation. Therefore, our set of writing posters is here to help lay those foundations.

Hooks/Leads Posters: These posters offer various approaches, from asking questions to sharing feelings. What’s more, these examples not only inspire engaging hooks but also serve as a reference guide for crafting captivating hooks.

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Concluding Sentence/Clincher Posters: Endings matter, and these posters offer various techniques to leave a lasting impression. From using humor to talking about the future, these visual aids guide ELLs in creating impactful conclusions.

opinion writing leads
Also available in “Hooks”
opinion writing concluding sentences

Thesis Statement Posters: The heart of an opinion essay is a strong thesis statement. Thus, these posters showcase clear steps for crafting a strong and concise thesis statement – a fundamental element in opinion writing.

Topic Sentence Posters: Structuring paragraphs begins with a robust topic sentence. These posters illustrate how to set the tone for each body paragraph, guiding ELLs to express their opinions cohesively.

opinion writing thesis statement
opinion writing topic sentences

Additional Tips for Teaching ELLs Opinion Writing

  • Model Writing: Use sample opinion essays to show students how to construct an opinion essay. In addition, discuss the structure, content, and language used, including transition words.
  • Peer Review: Encourage peer review sessions, where students provide feedback on each other’s work. Consequently, it promotes collaboration and language development.
  • Individualized Support: Since ELLs have varying language proficiency levels, offering individualized support in writing conferences will make a big difference.
opinion writing tools

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