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My name is Ingrid, and I am an elementary school teacher. My teaching journey began when I got admitted to an education program at Columbia University…


How to Teach Figurative Language Using PPT Slides?

Teaching figurative language to elementary students can be a delightful but challenging task. Explicit teaching and engaging and interactive resources...
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Reading Seasonal

Christmas Read-Alouds and Follow-Up Plot Activities for Elementary

'Tis the season to infuse your classroom with the magic of Christmas read-alouds! As elementary school educators, we know that...
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Uncategorized Writing

How to Teach English Language Learners Opinion Writing?

Opinion writing isn't just about expressing thoughts - it's about organizing them into a coherent structure. For our ELLs, this...
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How to Teach English Language Learners Informational Writing?

Informational writing is all about conveying facts, ideas, and explanations in a clear and structured way. For ELLs, they not...
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5 Ways to Make Elementary Math More Engaging

5 Ways to Make Elementary Math More Engaging
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