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Summer Reading Activities: Plot & Sequence

Summer is here, and what better way to make the most of the season than by engaging little minds with some engaging summer reading activities?

In today’s blog post, I will share a summer-themed plot resource carefully designed to promote students’ reading comprehension and creative writing skills.

summer reading activities blog post

Packed with interactive activities and worksheets, this resource is a must-have for educators, homeschooling parents, and anyone passionate about fostering a love for storytelling.

Let’s dive into the five exciting parts that make up this comprehensive resource! Here is a freebie that has worksheets from this resource.

Plot Story Mountain Graphic Organizer

Embark on a literary journey with the Plot Story Mountain Graphic Organizer. This visual tool serves as a foundation for understanding story structure. Students will learn to identify the key elements of a plot, including introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

By mapping out the story mountain, learners gain a deeper understanding of how narratives unfold, setting the stage for their own storytelling adventures.

summer reading activities story mountain graphic organizer
The graphic organizers (with or without instructions) come in both B&W and colors.

Plot Story Mountain Multiple-Choice Questions

Challenge students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills with our Plot Story Mountain Multiple-Choice Questions. This section tests their ability to analyze and interpret different plot elements.

With the scaffolding provided by multiple choices, learners will hone their understanding of plot development while developing their ability to make inferences and draw conclusions.

summer reading activities general multiple-choice questions
Use these multiple-choice questions to make sure your students understand the story structure before they move on to books.

Studying Plot With Three Books: Differentiated Summer Reading Activities

Immerse students in the world of literature with three captivating books that explore the theme of summer adventures. The three books are: 1. The Night Before Summer Camp; 2. It Began with Lemonade, and 3. The Other Side. The stories will transport readers to exciting places, sparking their imagination and fueling their desire to read.

Specifically, each book is accompanied by 7 differentiated worksheets that cater to various learning styles and abilities, ensuring every student can actively engage with the material.

summer reading activities it began with lemonade
Each book comes with 7 differentiated worksheets as you can see in this picture.

Plot Writing

Inspire budding authors to craft their own remarkable stories with our Plot Writing section. This interactive component encourages students to apply their understanding of plot structure by creating their own narratives. With thought-provoking prompts and related pictures, learners will explore character development, setting, and conflict resolution, cultivating their creativity and writing skills in the process.

summer reading activities benefits


In conclusion, this Summer-themed Plot Resource is the perfect companion for educators and parents looking to engage students in meaningful learning experiences while embracing the spirit of the season.

With its interactive activities, differentiated worksheets, and engaging book selections, this resource will ignite students’ love for storytelling, improve their reading comprehension, and foster their creative writing skills.

Make this summer one to remember by embarking on an exciting literary adventure with our Plot Resource. Don’t miss out on the freebie (It Began with Lemonade).

To get the activities for the other two books and more related ones, click the following pictures to go to my store.

Celebrating friendship and learning about segregation.
A great story that kids can easily resonate with.
It includes all three books mentioned in this post.
A big bundle with all-year-around plot worksheets (SAVING!).

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