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How to Teach English Language Learners Narrative Writing?

Are you an elementary school teacher looking for effective tools to support your students’ narrative writing skills? Look no further! I am excited to share some resources and scaffolding ideas I have been using for years with my ELLs.

In today’s blog post, I am going to share my favorite scaffolding tool — Sentence Frame Paragraph Templates, and some visually engaging Writing Posters. With these, you can provide ELLs with a structured framework and helpful visual aids to enhance their narrative writing abilities.

narrative writing resources

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Narrative Writing Sentence Frame Templates

It’s hard to write, and we all know it’s even harder for English language learners (ELLs). Therefore, years ago, I wrote some sentence frames to help my students write, and this worked very well. After that, I created paragraph templates, and finally the essay template.

narrative writing resources- beginning template
There are templates for the beginning, middle, and end of a story. This is one of the templates for the beginning of a story.

As you can see, these templates provide a clear and organized structure for writing a narrative essay, making it easier for students to express their thoughts and ideas. What’s more, the sentence frames provided scaffolding, enabling students to construct well-developed narratives while building their confidence in writing English.

Narrative Writing Posters for Bulletin Boards

Apart from five templates, I also like to use these visually appealing posters to provide extra scaffolding and facilitate my students’ understanding of narrative writing techniques.

narrative writing resources-poster set 1
How to Use a Dialogue Tag Poster Set
narrative writing resources-poster set 2
Ways to Write the Hook/Lead Poster Set
narrative writing resources-free poster set
“Show, Don’t Tell” Poster Set
narrative writing resources-poster set 4
Story Elements Poster Set

Display these posters on your bulletin board to create an immersive learning environment. The sets cover important topics such as Hook/Lead, Show, Don’t Tell, How to Use a Dialogue Tag and Story Elements. These visual cues will help students grasp and apply key concepts, making the writing process more accessible and engaging.


In conclusion, the resource I discussed above is designed to support ELLs’ language development and boost their confidence. By providing a clear structure and visual aids, you can guide your students toward successful narrative writing.

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