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Halloween Plot Activity Ideas and Freebie

Halloween means so much fun for kids, especially those in elementary school. Students can trick or treat, have a costume party, carve a pumpkin, and so on. If you are teaching the plot of a story and want to bring in some holiday spirit to your classroom, you’re in the right place. This blog post shares Halloween plot activity ideas!

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Halloween Activities To Study The Plot Of A Story For Elementary

Halloween Plot Activity 1: Matching

Here are two matching activities based on a fun and cute Halloween-themed book Skeleton for Dinner by Margery Cuyler.

The left one has the story mountain graphic organizer to support students.

On the other hand, the right one is for students who can identify and summarize key story events without visual support.

Teach the elements in the story mountain and read aloud the book Skeleton for Dinner. Then, your students will be ready to work on these worksheets.

Halloween plot activity matching
Halloween Plot Activity: Matching Key Events

Halloween Plot Activity 2: Multiple-Choice Questions

There are six multiple-choice questions based on the same book to check students’ understanding of the key events in the story.

For each multiple-choice question, there are three choices. Students can find the correct answer by eliminating two answers. Thus, it provides great scaffolding. However, some choices are not obviously wrong, so students need to look for details in the story to exclude the tricky ones.

Halloween plot activity multiple-choice
Halloween Plot Activity: Multiple-Choice Questions

Halloween Plot Activity 3: Identifying and Summarizing Key Events

This worksheet is the most difficult one because it only provides the story mountain graphic organizer, and requires students to do read the story carefully, and identify and write the events by themselves.

Halloween plot activity writing events
Halloween Plot Activity: Identifying and Summarizing Key Events

Students need to have a thorough understanding of the story and strong summarizing skills to be able to do this.

Therefore, it’s challenging and it’s a perfect choice for early finishers or students who are above the grade level.

Halloween Plot Activity 4: Narrative Writing

Halloween activity writing narratives

Want more challenges for your top students or early finishers? This Halloween-themed activity is perfect for them.

It asks students to write a short story related to the picture. Besides, students need to include the five elements in the story mountain.

Therefore, it’s a good seasonal supplement activity for your narrative writing lessons.

Different Uses of the Worksheets

If you are going to teach a lesson about the plot around Halloween, you may use these worksheets for students’ independent practice after your mini-lesson. The same for guided reading groups.

Need any ideas for homework? You may send these back home as homework. There is an answer key attached, so you can quickly check when students return them.

Besides, this can be an independent work packet if you give students the answer key and let them check by themselves or their parents.

One more way to use these worksheets is using them as assessments. After you teach the plot, give students enough practice, you may use all of the worksheets or just one of them as an assessment to see what students still need.

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