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Guided Reading Planning Sheet: Free & Effective

Do you do guided reading every day? For me, guided reading gives me an opportunity to learn more about my little readers and support them better. However, I always feel exhausted about planning for guided reading lessons, especially after writing five lesson plans every night. Besides, the structure of a guided reading session varies from one teacher to another. Thus, I used to always wonder what’s the most effective structure for my class and myself.

If you were like me, today’s blog is for you! I want to share a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE guided reading lesson planning template. It’s FREE. Click here to download the planning template. In addition, I will share some ready-to-use resources that will save you so much planning time! They are reusable and differentiated.

Free Guided Reading Planning Tempalte

This is a one-page guided reading planning template that basically includes 6 components: 1. Focus Skill; 2. Guiding Questions; 3. Vocabulary; 4. Model; 5. Guided Practice; 6. Exit Ticket.

1. Guided Reading Focus Skill

Specifically, the focus skill is a reading skill you want to teach. For example, identifying the main idea/gist, comparing and contrasting two texts, etc.

free guided reading template

2. Guiding Questions

For the questioning part, I put questions to assess students’ comprehension within the text, beyond the text, and about the text. Therefore, there is differentiation in questioning.

However, you don’t have to do all three questions in one guided reading session if you think there is not enough time or students are not ready to move on to the higher level of questions.

Questions within the text are questions that students can answer by finding details from the text, such as “What happened in the story?” On the other hand, questions beyond the text need students to infer or make connections to answer. FOr instance, “What kind of person is the boy?”, “How did mom feel about April at the end?”

Finally, questions about the text are mostly about the author’s purpose and crafts. For example, “What are some kinds of writing in this book?” “How did the author show you Edwin is funny?”

3. Vocabulary

After that, the vocabulary part is for you to write 3-5 important vocabulary that you want to focus on and/or frontload before reading.

4. Model

Next, in the model part, you can write an example or some notes about how you want to demonstrate the reading skill to your guided reading group. You may put the sentences/paragraph/page you will use and even what you will say during the modeling.

5. Guided Practice

Then, there is a part for you to write every student’s name and take notes about their performance, strengths, weaknesses, or next steps. This will drive your planning for the next guided reading session of the individual conference.

6. Exit Ticket

In the end, you can plan a question as an exit ticket for the lesson. Students can write the answer on a post-it and stick to a “parking lot” before they leave. Or you may use other formats that suit your students.

Though I already explained what to fill in each component of the template above, I have also included a guide. This guide explains each component and provides questions to help teachers brainstorm ideas during planning. See below:

guided reading template guide

Guided Reading Resources for 14 Core Reading Skills

I understand some schools provide great leveled guided reading books in each classroom. However, here I am not talking about book resources, but ready-to-teach PPT and differentiated worksheets for students to practice and reinforce the targeted skill.

There are 14 reading skills, and for each skill, I have a PPT and a set of differentiated worksheets. I have shared two reading skills already. Click the pictures below to read more and get the FREEBIES!

free gist lesson
Gist PPT
gist worksheets
Gist Worksheets
free plot lesson
Plot PPT
plot worksheets
Plot Worksheets

However, if you like the ideas and freebies and you want to save your prep time, these bundles will be great choices for you!

14 reading skills ppt bundle
14 reading skills worksheets bundle

However, if you want to save, I promise more posts of ideas and freebies are coming your way! Just sign up for our newsletter below, so you won’t miss any new updates or freebies!