Eureka Sheets


FAQs About Digital Resources From Eureka Sheets

How do I access and download the digital resources?

You will find a PDF document when you download your resource (with digital access) after your purchase. Please carefully follow the instructions there to get your digital resource.

Can I edit or customize the digital resources to fit my curriculum or teaching style?

You may add or delete slides after making a copy of the digital resource in your Google Drive. However, you won’t be able to edit the content of the resource unless it says “editable” in the product description. Additionally, you have the option to add your own notes or annotations to the side of the document.

Is technical support available if I encounter issues with the resources?

Please email me at about your technical issue, and I will gladly provide support.

Can I post your resource on Google Classroom, Seesaw, etc.?

Certainly! If you have acquired the resource, either through purchase or direct free download from my website, you are welcome to share it on password-protected platforms exclusively accessible to your class and students.

Can I email parents your resources?

Yes, you are permitted to email the resources to parents of students within your class.

Can I post your resource on a public district webpage?

Unfortunately, you cannot post my resources on publicly accessible websites. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity of the resources and uphold copyright expectations. Widespread availability on the internet can be unfair to those who have paid for the resource, and posting it publicly may result in a takedown notice.

Can I include your resource in a district-wide packet for all the students in my district?

Regrettably, you will need to acquire additional licenses for district-wide use. For inquiries related to larger-scale usage, please contact me via email at

Can I use your resources on Outschool?

I’m sorry, but I do not permit the commercial use of my resources, including their use on platforms like Outschool.

How do I measure the effectiveness of using digital resources in my teaching?

Consider using assessment tools, surveys, or student feedback to evaluate the impact of digital resources on student learning outcomes. Adjust your approach based on the results to improve effectiveness. You will find the answer key in the original resource.

What if the text is too small or the resource is difficult to read?

You may try the following two ways:

Utilize the Zoom Feature: Consider using the zoom-in feature to make the content appear larger and closer to full-screen. This can greatly enhance readability and visibility.

Hide Speaker Notes: If there are speaker notes accompanying the document, hiding them can provide a cleaner and less cluttered view. This can be especially useful when you need to focus solely on the document content.

Why doesn’t this Google Slides resource work in “Present” mode?

This digital resource, like many others, doesn’t function in “Present” mode because it often requires students to type into the document or interact with moveable elements.

What do I do if my file has gone to the wrong Google Drive?

No need to worry! You have a couple of options. You can log out of the incorrect account and log in to the correct one, then make another copy of the resource. Alternatively, if you already have a copy in the wrong account, you can share that copy with the account you want it in. Once shared, it will appear in your “Shared with Me” tab, and you can make a copy of it in the correct account from there.