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Christmas Math Activity For Upper Elementary

Every December, I look for Christmas math activities to do with my kids! If you are like me, you are at the right place as I am going to share an interesting and engaging Christmas math activity with you!

Christmas math activity for upper elementary

Step 1: Finding the Password

Each student will have a mission card, a password card, and a station checklist to start with (bottom left in the picture below). The mission card tells students to go to different stations to get the password, while the station checklist helps students keep track of their work. After the students solve all the math problems from one station, they will get one of the four digits in the password. Therefore, four stations provide 4 digits, and combining them will make the password.

Christmas math game

The four stations are the “Gingerbread Man Station,” “Santa Claus Station,” “Snowman Station,” and “Gift Station.” Each station has different types of math problems. For example, the “Gingerbread Man Station” (see below) asks students to fill in a table by doing both multiplication and division. Besides, students also need to write two equations based on a gingerbread man-themed array. Finally, there is a word problem.

Students will get their 1st digit by finding the column number of the gingerbread girl in the array. As we can see, the gingerbread girl is in Column 4, so students can put 4 in the red box at the bottom of this worksheet.

Christmas math activity gingerbread man

Step 2: Unlocking the Gift by Coloring

After students get their 4-digit password, they are now ready to color to see their gift. Before they color, they need to solve some equations. This provides a great opportunity for fluency practice.

Christmas math activity coloring page

As we mentioned above, the 1st or Red Box is 4. So now students are going to color all the boxes with the answer 4 in red. You can see a sample of the final work in the first picture of this post. If they color some boxes wrong, they may not be able to see the gift clearly.

Step 3: Extra Christmas-Themed Math Coloring Practice

In addition to the “gift” above, students also get to choose some other pages to practice their math and coloring. There are 10 extra worksheets (see below). These Christmas-themed math coloring worksheets can not only bring the holiday spirit to your classroom to engage your students but also provide differentiation,

Christmas math activity extra math coloring worksheets

To Sum Up

If you are looking for an interesting and engaging Christmas math activity, you may try this one. You may give students one station every day in the week before Christmas, or let them do all the stations at one time. Check it by clicking here or the picture below.

Christmas math activity product

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