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Character Traits PPT Elementary: Free & Differentiated

In previous posts, I shared some character traits differentiated worksheets, and task cards for elementary schools. Teachers can use them to help students practice identifying character traits after the mini-lessons. So what resources can we use when we teach character traits? For me, it’s definitely PPT (or Google Slides).

character traits ppt pin

During distance learning, I created slides for all my lessons, and now they’ve become an essential part of my teaching. PPT and Google Slides can help teachers teach in an organized, effective, and engaging way. Besides, you only need to make them once and reuse them for a long period of time.

In today’s post, I am going to share some slides that I like to use when teaching character traits. As always, here is a freebie for you!

Character Traits PPT — Basic Concepts & Common Misunderstanding

Introducing and teaching basic concepts is always the first step. The following slides present the definitions of “characters,” “character traits,” and how to identify character traits.

character traits ppt definitions

In addition, based on my experience, a common misunderstanding students may have when learning character traits is that they can’t distinguish character traits from character feelings. This is tricky as some words can be both traits or feelings. However, students should understand the differences between the two as shown in the slide below.

character traits ppt traits vs feelings

Character Traits PPT — Multiple-Choice Questions

As mentioned in previous posts, many students, especially ELLs and Special Eds, lack character trait words or don’t have enough exposure to different kinds of behaviors in life. Therefore, we must teach character traits vocabulary and help students connect certain words to behaviors.

character traits ppt multiple-choice

This slide has two multiple-choice questions that cover eight common character traits. I use one question to model how to find the best choice first, then I guide students to do the second question. I always make sure that I explain all the choices with examples so students can expand their vocabulary.

Additionally, students can make character traits vocabulary cards using the words and sentences from these questions. To learn more about how to make vocabulary cards, read this post.

Character Traits PPT — Longer Texts with Graphic Organizers

When students have accumulated enough character traits, they are ready to move on to longer texts. Since we usually identify a character’s traits by looking at the character’s words, actions, and thoughts. I made sure that all the texts used here have the character’s words, actions, and thoughts.

character traits ppt short text

As a result, students will be able to annotate the texts using different colors — red for words, green for actions, and orange for thoughts. This step can help students fill out the graphic organizer on the next slide, and finally, identify the main character’s traits accurately.

character traits ppt graphic organizers

On the other hand, I understand that in the real world, students won’t always encounter texts with clear words, actions, and thoughts from the character. Sometimes, the text only shows something about the character and students have to make inferences to find the right traits.

Thus, I also gave my students some text excerpts followed by short-response questions to practice.

Character Traits PPT — Writing Tasks

Reading and writing are integrated and inseparable. When students have enough practice with this reading skill, you may challenge them by asking them to write about traits.

The following slide asks students to write about a caring girl. So students first need to understand the meaning of “caring.” Then, they need to describe behaviors (words, actions, and thoughts) that can show “caring.”

character traits ppt writing

To scaffold this activity, you can let your students play the Heads up! (also called Hedbanz) game with character traits first. All you need to prepare is to write different character traits on big index cards (one on each card).

After this game, students will be more ready to write about these character traits.

To Sum Up

The character traits PPT ideas/slides I shared above can help teachers teach character traits in their mini-lessons. With the character traits differentiated worksheets and task cards, you can teach a complete character traits lesson successfully.

Don’t forget to get your freebie!

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