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Creative & Fun Back to School All About Me Activities

For this special back to school in 2021… There are tons of back-to-school and all about me activities out there and we use them every year for the first week of school! However, this year’s back to school is definitely special! Students and teachers are both excited to meet each other in person and actually learn in a classroom after more than a year. Let’s make this fun and try some creativeback-to-school and all about me activities that keep pace with the times.

Remember how often you’ve asked your students to open their videos or stop changing the virtual background into their favorite cartoons or animes because sometimes it’s too much. We can’t deny that online teaching has become a very special memory for all of us.

Therefore, for this special back to school, I prepared some fun and creative activities that I am going to share in this post.

1. Back to School: Zoom/Google Meet-Themed All About Me Activities

This all about me activity is based on a regular Zoom or Google Meet page to attract students. In this activity, each student has two worksheets–one cover page and one work page.

Zoom/Google Meet-Themed All About Me Activities
Zoom-Themed All About Me Activity

Students first need to fill out their name, class number, and date on the cover page. At the bottom, there are eight drawing patterns that students can use when designing their own “virtual background” on the work page. Of course, they can choose to be creative and draw whatever they like.

The next is a work page that looks very similar to a regular Zoom page. Students can draw their selfies on the left and write something about themselves in the chatbox on the right after the teacher’s message/prompt. This makes students feel like they are sending a message to the class (my students loved that).

You don’t have to squint to read these worksheets because I have a FREE version here for you to bring your kids some fun.

Besides the All About Me topic, this activity has several other topics, including Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.

These topics are not included in the free version, so you may click here to purchase this creative and fun activity based on ZOOM!

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Zoom/Google Meet-Themed All About Me Activities

2.Back to School: Fun Mask All About Me/Make A Wish Activities

Back in June, during a social-emotional lesson, one student told everyone in class that his birthday is in September, and he really wished that he would be able to have an in-person birthday party with his friends. I said, “Yes, definitely. Let’s hope this will be over soon.”

That’s a very sweet wish, which made me want to know everyone’s wish after this hard time. And I finally put my thoughts on the papers… However, besides this social-emotional activity, this can also be an All About Me activity.

Fun Mask All About Me/Make A Wish Activities
Fun Mask All About Me/Make A Wish Activities

How to Make These Cute Figures And Masks?

The steps are simple and clear. All you need are several pieces of white paper, scissors, and basic art supplies.

Step 1: Design a mask. Draw a mask on a piece of white paper, design it, and cut it out.

Step 2: Draw a face. Draw a face on a piece of white paper, color it, and cut it out. Make sure your mask from step 1 can fit on the face.

Step 3: Write an introduction about yourself or your wishes on a strip of paper.

Step 4: Combine the mask, the face, and the writing. Use your paper clips to put your face and mask together so the mask can be removed one day!

Fun Mask All About Me/Make A Wish Activities

If you like the mask and face templates in my pictures, you can check out this product here. Otherwise, just follow the steps to make your own.

3.Back to School: Cartoon Characters All About Me Activity or Bookmarks

In this activity, I included two types of characters–boys and girls. Specifically, all boy characters have a superman cape where students can answer questions to introduce themselves. As for girls, all of them have a princess dress that serves the same purpose.

Cartoon Characters All About Me Activity or Bookmarks
Cartoon Characters All About Me Activity or Bookmarks

Making these cute characters is easy and simple. First, students need to answer all the questions and color the characters the way they want. Next, they need to use scissors to cut along the dotted lines in the template. Then, they need to fold along the two solid lines to make sure the two “back” areas overlap. Last, they need to glue the two “back” areas together and it’s done!

Cartoon Characters All About Me Activity or Bookmarks Template

Follow the same steps to make the bookmarks. However, what to write in the blank area is up to the teachers. You may want your students to write their reading levels so that they don’t forget, or you may want them to write their reading goals to help them focus during independent reading. Ask students to write whatever information is helpful to the students.

Cartoon Characters All About Me Activity or Bookmarks

These are the three creative and fun back-to-school all about me activities. Want to know more? Join me on Instagram @eurekasheets! I share lots of teaching ideas and tips there.

Don’t forget to get your free copy of the Zoom-themed activity here.

Have fun with your students,